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2:81 Sprung: A Love List


Unnamed revelers in the thaw.
Found on Pinterest. Do you know the artist?

Biddies. It’s Friday. Below, a humble love list:

1. I saw David Sedaris give a reading (largely straight from his diary) this week and it was magic. I adore his Lilliputian voice and stature and the way he explained his vest and ill-fitting, Fred Mertz-ian trousers before he began, lest we audience members wrongfully presume that he was “a vest person.” Never. If you want to feel all the feelings, read Now We Are Five.

2. In case you somehow missed all of my holier than thou #nunpun gloating, I was a sister on the Sound of Music Float in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Preach!

3. This is the weekend of dinner parties! Tonight: tacos. Tomorrow: Vernal Equinox Feast! I’m making guacamole and lemon roasted asparagus/an edible flower and golden beet salad/lavender lemon tartlets, respectively. Olé/I want my Maypole!

4. I am greeted by name at Whistler now. I went twice this week… Oopsie daisy.

5. TaskRabbit and Benefit delivered a SUPERB swag bag to my office on Tuesday — brimming with under eye de-puffers, look-alive makeup, healthy snacks and quality hydration — just because I tweeted them that I needed hangover help. Which wasn’t even true… I just wanted dat swag. Thank you TaskRabbit and Benefit!

6. Two of my favorite causes merged! Lingerie Lyrique is giving a special performance at the {she crew} fundraiser on April 11, and we start rehearsing this weekend. ALSO, the lovely {she crew} founders are giving a Tedx Talk in May! I am equal parts proud and impressed!!!

7. Lillstreet is hosting a FREE workshop open house tomorrow! Do some metal working! Throw a pot! Screen print a tote bag! Check it out.

8. This weekend, Comfort Station celebrates two of my favorite things: singing at the top of your lungs and bike season! FYI, my other favorite things are iced coffee and dancing to Motown music. Raindrops on roses are cool, too.

9. Have you all tried oil pulling? I know Sandy has! I’ve been doing it for about a week, and I think it’s doing something? I’m not sure if my teeth are visibly whiter, but it makes me feel so fresh and so clean (clean.)

10. I’M GOING TO MAKE STUFF THIS WEEKEND. Sunday is reserved for bedazzling, collaging, painting, feng shui-ing my kitschy lil’ heart out! AND IT’S GOING TO BE SO GREAT.

What are you lovin’? Fill me in, G!



2:24 & 25: Proton Girl

Happy Saturday, beautiful friends! I pooped out at 11:00 and cabbed it home to crawl into bed with Elmer last night, so physically, I’m feeling pretty fab for a weekend morning. Mentally, though — I’ve been a glimmering beacon of negativity lately. Seriously. Queen of the Wild Womp-us. I’m also fortunate enough to have friends who are enduring some of the same tribulations as I am — but I can get a little too comfy lounging in the chaise of their solidarity and support. I complain more, negativity copulates and breeds more negativity, and soon enough I have a new generation of grumpy brain-bunnies nibbling at my synapses. It’s an epidemic. An adorable epidemic.

Yesterday, I ventured into the arctic windchill for a salad, as one does, and it actually occurred to me: isn’t the skin on my eyeballs super thin? Can eyeballs freeze… and rupture? I was out in the cold, simultaneously worrying about eyeball schisms and composing delightfully horrific tweets in my head… because when you have a crazy thought, you should obviously post it on the internet. Later, I proceeded to concurrently challenge my liver and vent my spleen, a.k.a. I drank and griped. A lot. About everything, with people who are too nice to me to tell me to shut up, and when I woke up this morning, I wondered why I felt like such an asshat.

I have been an asshat! I’ve been taking advantage of everyone’s generous ears, and in light of this discovery, I’m bringing back the love list. Because despite minor adversities, I have so much to be grateful for – and I need to focus on that sh*t. It’s winter: tis the season for antagonism, so perhaps you need a reminder, too. I urge you to be a proton amidst the frenzied-electric atomic static in the great nucleus of LYFE #science… because we can be happy and try to change our situations at the same time, right?

Today’s Little Love List:

1. Finally having an apartment big and lovely enough to throw fabulous parties with my, likewise, fabulous roommate. Hoera! So many themed soirees coming your way, friends. Just wait.

2. Adoring my friends. Last night, I took a breather from whining to express one of the best parts of adulthood: you gravitate toward your kind of people. Your friendships are no longer convenient, so if you’re a person with a job and a to do list, you more than likely only make an effort to maintain the relationships that really matter to you… and as time goes on, and people go their own ways, eventually all of your relationships matter to you. Pretty sweet.

3. Living in an age where I feel comfortable rolling my eyes whenever someone utters the words “biological clock” to me. I can’t even. Also, being blessed with a mother who has never uttered the words “biological clock” to me.

4. The best family a human could ask for.

5. My proximity to so many cute hipster bars and so many cute hipster boys. Logan Square for the win.

6. A future rife with possibility. Am I just the fruitiest? RAINBOWS. UNICORNS. Idk. I have some plans on the horizon that I’ll hopefully have the opportunity to share with you all soon-ish. Right now, I just have a vision and a laptop, and that’s ok by me.

7. Weekend. That is all.

Love you all! Do you need a shot of positivity? What are you thankful for?


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Friday Inspiration!

Happy Friday, boos. Had sort of a week. In my dreams last night, my dad was in cahoots with my coworkers and my apartment flooded so I had to move into the clock tower next to my school… like the lady-Hunchback of Notre Dame. And then my dad was tryna make me join the basketball team… which basketball team, I’m not sure. (Let it be known that if I were to join a basketball team now, we would be called the Diva Squirrels.) And then all of my teeth fell out. So that was a look.

I promise to never recap my dreams for you again because that sh*t’s lame, but I think it’s obvious that I’m struggling in multiple life-arenas right now, including but not limited to general dentistry. So, obv, the only remedy for all that ails me — aside from daily flossing (I’m sorry, ain’t nobody got time for that) — is an inspiration list.

Here’s one. Here’s another one. And here’s today’s:

Don’t waste a sh*tty situation. Usually when I’m feeling desperate for a life makeover, what I actually need is a brain makeover. I’m not saying you should pretend there isn’t a problem — insincerity gives you pimples. Plus, peeps can sniff out a phony… so you’re left delusional, pimply and friendless. Wootwoot! Sounds like a Friday night! The way to milk a sh*tty situation is to be honest and ask yourself what you’re getting out of it. Is there a lesson in there somewhere? Because family illness happens. People will tear you down to build themselves up. Sometimes your roommate will find you sobbing in your bathtub with a bottle of wine. But these experiences can teach you that life is fleeting, or that you need to stop taking crap from everybody, or that Merlot pairs better with tears than Malbec. Live openly and listen. There’s nothing more valuable than the wisdom you earn when you overcome. Give those sh*tty situations a point, you know?

– Celebrate others’ victories. You can’t win all the time. I mean, you’re great, but you’re human. Here’s how to ensure that there’s reason to rejoice every day: be happy for other people. It’s like if you and all your friends and coworkers and loved ones were holidays, and you were stuck with Flag Day. Or like, Boxing Day. Are you only going to party it up on Boxing Day? Or are you going to kill it on Halloween and Christmas and World Peace Day, too? You can be cranky and jealous and self-centered if you want, but I’m going to get myself a slice of World Peace Day cake. Makes life a little richer, don’t it?

Make a little love list. They’re the best. This one’s more of a love cluster: this song over and over and over; GAY MARRIAGE IN ILLINOIS (and the wedding of two handsome men I’m attending tomorrow); writing at Reno cuz… coffee/whiskey/cute boys; EVERYONE’S birthday (Happy birthday Amy! Happy birthday Nicole! Happy birthday Claire! Who did I miss?); Friendsgivings; and my brilliant, beautiful Grandma, for whom I have endless love and admiration.

Also, face paint. Everywhere, all the time.


That eye. That evil eye.

What’s inspiring you? How was your week?



Monday Love List


The hillllllls are alive!

Hey! That’s me up above; running for the hills because it’s Monday and I will shortly be spending my time shooting corneal daggers at a computer screen instead of frolicking in the sunshine/talkin’ bout LYFE poolside/lighting up blank pages with luminous grandeur total baloney. Friends, lovers — I am currently experiencing an end of summer freak out, and I surrrrriously need to make a game plan that ensures ALL FUN, ALL THE TIME until fall hits. Then it’s all fun while wearing layers and drinking pumpkin drinks, obv. So this love list is what I’m still looking forward to this summer. Because it’s still summer. STILL SUMMER, YOU GUYS.

1. Chicago Jazz Fest. Truth: I’ve seen a fair amount of live jazz and I don’t really understand it… also, sometimes I find it deathly boring. But it can also be really sexy! And it’s totally acceptable to drink while enjoying jazz… and at Jazz Fest, you can drink outside which combines two of my favorite things. Bonus: Robert Glasper is so worth listening to, drink in hand ou non. Do it.

His collaborations with Erykah Badu and Lupe Fiasco are soooo, so good.

2. Celebrating the birth of my mysterious sister. Get ready, you Leo, you. Wait… too personal?

3. Yoga at the zoo. Um, hello. Two more of my favorite things:  yoga and appreciating animals… from afar. I’m not a big pet person; I know I’m a vegan: you’re going to have to deal. But I run through the zoo basically whenever I run (which was all day, ‘er day this past weekend), and I listen to a loosely jungle themed soundtrack when I do. Yes, it includes Hakuna Matata. But also this song. And this one. Believe it.

None of these butts belong to me. They live here.

4. My move! Ok, the actual moving part will probably be awful. But I’m so looking forward to settling into my new home and my new hood with my new roommate. So much newness.

5. L’art. I need to take my babe self on some solo dates to see Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity, which my pixie-friend Sandy lent her genius to; and the Daniel Clowes exhibit at the MCA.  Sidenote: I bought Ghost World in middle school (and thought I was cool as sh*t), but I can’t find my copy! Tragic. And at the CINEMA, I need to see Prince Avalanche (coproduced by my babygirl Michelle with Dogfish Pictures) and In A World asap. Sidenote no. 2: I’ve never seen a movie at the theater by myself. Super weird, right? Gotta get on that.

ghost world

STILL trying to figure out if I’m an Enid or a Rebecca. LYFE, man.

6. Renegade! Speaking of art, I look forward to this fair all summer long. I always go with my mom, but this year my sister will be in town, too! I can usually guess what the new hipster icon is going to be… you know: owls, cats, moustaches, matryoshka dolls; on t-shirts and neckties and posters and planters and anything you can imagine. This year, I’m calling spectacles, holographic Girls gifs, and felted dead presidents. I wish I had a Millard Filmore plushie to cuddle RIGHT NOW.


7…. And speaking of hipsters: Hideout Block Party.  Neko Case, you goddess, you. Truth: I saw said red-headed lady at this same music festival a million years ago (Ok, five. Five years ago.) on a date and then we fell in looooove. Exciting then boring then exciting then disastrous love. You should probs not come see Neko Case with me.

8. Vintage Garage. Oh, just a gargantuan roundup of all things retro-chic. So essentially WHAT I LIVE FOR.


Courtest of Time Out.

9. Walkin’. All over. I’ve mentioned before that I walk six miles to work when it’s beautiful out, which is almost every day, and I plan to do that as often as possible until I move. Once I DO move…

10. Bike. My faux antique-y Schwinn with foot brakes is too adorable to pine for me in my mom’s garage. The time has come to learn how to navigate the terrifying Chicago streets. Or at least the less terrifying Chicago footpaths. Now for the important stuff: how do I bedazzle my helmet?

That’s all for now, sweet friends. I have to remind myself that the end of summer doesn’t have to signify the end of joy… but maybe that’s ingrained in me from school years of yore? Thoughts? Autumn is actually my favorite season, and we’ve never had an autumn together on Rosie Glow! So much fashun. So much squash! I’m feeling better about it all ready.

Are you tweaking out about about impending doom cold? What are you looking forward to? I can always use some inspiration 🙂


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My number(s)

Inspired by one of the slides for my Me So Far presentation on Wednesday, I’m posting my phone number on the internet compiling a little list of numerical values that are somehow significant to me, this week and in life. Here goes:

22: The date of my birthday, my sister’s birthday, and my mom’s birthday doubled. Also, the street number of my first address I can remember.

3: The number of times I’ve pulled an Emma Martin this week, a.k.a. Irish exited from various social events. According to Mindy Kaling it’s actually ruder to announce your departure, as if the whole party needs to stop, acknowledge, and shed a collective tear. So really, I was just being polite.

1,400: The square footage in my palatial new apartment. Roommate, we should probably think about building an indoor water park, blowing up a bounce house and maybe adopting a baby elephant. Thoughts?

4: The number of my squirrel-friends who were born 25-30 years ago this week! Love you squirrel-friends.

2: POUNDS of strawberries I’ve eaten in the past day and a half. Ok guys, you can buy a 5 pound crate of organic strawberries from Trader Joe’s for $7 — don’t look at me like that.

Plus these puppies, ripped straight from my presentation:

DOZENS: The number of hearts I think I’ve broken.

2: The number of hearts I’ve actually broken.

1: The number of times my heart’s been broken.

0: The number of exes I remain friends with.

And since I’m in list mode and it’s our newly coined Favorite Things Friday… here’s a little love list for you studmuffins:


1. I LOVE hearing from you all. Love it. I think this blog’s finally in that happy place where people know about it and check in without my needing to post daily/pimp it out across the internet universe all the time. Still, when I have a relatively quiet week like this one, I’m always shocked and thrilled to get love notes from all of you. I’m less thrilled to get hate mail, but hey… at least you’re reading? Thank you for saying hello!

2. Heading to Wisconsin tomorrow to splash around with the fam… if the sun peeks out! If this sick city gloom sticks around, I’m totes watching the L Word in bed all day. Truth.

3. The theme for Side Dish this month is Fix. Do check it out! I’m dreaming up my piece(s) now!

4. Speaking of… it’s a new month. Love a fresh start. Like I said here, my main objective in August is to reverse metamorphose from social butterfly to bookish caterpillar.

Love me some Eric Carle

Other objectives: write a sh*t ton, profess my undying love to all of my neighborhood baristas and assure them that it’s not really goodbye, cross some items off my Boystown bucket list, and prepare for a seamless (ha!) move.

5. Also, everything Mark Ryden has ever done. Ever.

The little boy with the meat balloons is my other current fave, but it changes weekly.

… I’m tapped out, friends. Fun week had. Fun weekend pending. Who else wants to stay in bed today? And what are your numbers?!

Happy weekend! XOXO,


In Love

(Love list number 2037 14.)


In love with LYFE! Sorry for messing with you all. But how else am I supposed to pimp out my blog – complete with Clueless .gifs and odes to spirulina – to the male species without resorting to posting about boobs or Miranda Kerr? Heh heh! You cats know what’s up. So here’s what I’m lovin’ up on this week:

1. Handwritten letters… that, get this, come IN THE MAIL. This one’s from my new penpal:

That's what's up. Thanks pen pal!

That’s what’s up. Thanks penpal!

2. LITERARY FASHUN. Specifically, this new sweatshirt I’ve been wearing er’ day:

Guys, do I need to shave?

3. Finally figuring out how to feed myself while traveling as an über health conscious vegan. Pictured below: that time I accidentally juice cleansed while road tripping to South Carolina.


I don’t go anywhere without liquid kale.

4. Speaking of love… everyone I know is suddenly engaged! For reals, proposals are poppin’ up left and right. Truth: this love list item actually terrifies me a bit (okay, a sh*t ton — the prospect of eternal commitment makes me squirm, okay? I AM A NORMAL GIRL! (?)) But I loooooove weddings. I will start the party, I promise.

5. And speaking of supreme singledom… I was asked to present for Me So Far! (Thanks Cody!)

To paraphrase the company’s website, Me So Far plunks a diverse bunch of singles (who are relatively the same age and have similar interests) in a bar, and engages said singles as either listeners or talkers. Each talker gives a presentation on what they’re all about, and each presentation is loosely centered around an event theme. The event I’m presenting for is called Workaholics, which I think is hilarious. I’m hoping workaholism, in this instance, can be code for passionate and crazy busy with little time to prioritize dating… because if it’s code for wearing suits and having more than $17 in your checking account, I’m out of luck. ANYWAY, I’ll be talking about my fascinating self… so you should probably come! And I will most definitely fill you all in on how it turns out!

6. Home. I know I just posted about being a grown ass woman, but I miss my mommy! I get to see her tonight and then I get to see some of this action…

By the incomparable Emma. Purchase original works at the Geneva Art Show or here!

7. Emma’s art show. GF is a boss. You should probably come to this, too.

Plus parties! And sunshine! And friends! I’m going into hiding for all of August to be a vampire  write, so get a good long look at me now, social life! Hermitdom awaits!

What do you love this week? I’m dying to know…



More to Love: Love List no. 13

You guys! Remember love lists? Those giddy accounts of my adventures that I used to gush about every week… back in the days before I became the perpetually wired and weeping boob I am today?  (BTW I can see who clicks on “boob.” Kidding… I’m not Obama. But I can see how many of you click on “boob”!) Anywho, I’m bringing those back! Like, TODAY. I think there’s a direct correlation between acknowledging all of the happiness in your life and actually being happy, so let’s hop back on that train, shall we?

We totes need a new graphic, though. Introducing:

Favorite Things Friday!

Who needs to recap this week? Just this DAY has been so incredibly baller. I’ll start at the beginning…

1. A long walk to work with a brave friend… culminating in a breakfast date at a cafe with a SURPRISE vegan and gluten free menu. I didn’t even google the menu ahead of time (which I am generally wont to do), and I still ended up with my weight in fresh veggies, tofu and pressed wheatgrass/pineapple/pear juice. Score!

2. This happened:

blog safe blackhawks

Risking life and limb for the sake of enthusiasm… as one does 🙂

3. So this girl (me!) wound up with a promotion: a job that’s far more focused on the creative marketing I LOVE, and more $$$ cash money, yo! I just found out the details today and I. am. pumped.

4. Remember how I ran into my bff Fabio at the grocery store? Um, same grocery store… today I saw my other bff KATE WINSLET. She is so glow-y in the humblest way. I told her she was one of my favorites (she is: see yesterday’s post) because I have no shame, and she just melted. She lifted up her sunglasses and said “I hope I don’t disappoint you.” GIRL. I wish I’d thought of some punny way to bond over how my name is Rose and she once played a Rose, but the only quote I could remember is…

“Listen, Rose. You’re gonna get out of here, you’re gonna go on and you’re gonna make lots of babies, and you’re gonna watch them grow.”… which would have been an alarming but wholly accurate thing to say to a pregnant Kate Winslet. Next time!

5. They carry Berry La Croix in my office vending machine now! And I’m ordering a medicine ball desk chair! I’m slowly hippie-fying this office… watch out, non-profit arts world!

6. I leave tomorrow for a girl’s weekend with my family and I can’t wait. I love these women with all of my blood and guts and I’m so proud to be related to them 🙂

7. Speaking of pride… I’m missing all of this this weekend (which kills me a little bit), but we have SO much to be proud of as a country right now. Aside from my occasional blabbing about food politics, I don’t discuss my leftist leanings on da blog very often. But duh. Gay marriage all the way! We’re finally getting somewhere!

Not sorry. Loves it.

8. I just have so many beautiful people in my life. Not this kind of beautiful person, though I’m sure she’s very nice; but beautiful people who are generous with their love and time and sparkle. All of ’em. Not a bad one in the bunch. I’m lookin’ at you!

So. many. smooches to you all. Tell me what you love! And then proceed to have a glorious weekend, you mega-babe, you!



Love List no. 12

If I could blog whilst romping in the sunshine, y’all would see a whole lot more of me this time of year. Has any bunny out there mastered beach-blogging? This type of writing would be way more seasonal if I could wear my new bikini, pictured below on Tay Swift, and sip coconut water/tequila/lime cocktails (both dehydrating and rehydrating!) out of a mason jar while waxing philosophical about LYFE.

Sometimes we’re twinzies. I’m still pissed that I can’t wear the cat headband that I bought and then saw her sporting in the music video for “22.”

Obv, I could go old school and use a notebook (NOT a Moleskin. Those people are THE WORST.) But then I can’t link to stuff/click on all of the things/overstimulate my brain in a big and beautiful way, you know? I feel like I’m at a disadvantage if I’m writing without my laptop. Is that what Ipads are for? I don’t know anything about technology because I’m too busy romping in the sunshine. YOLO! I also haven’t bothered to learn the proper usage of YOLO… because I’m too busy romping in the sunshine. There’s a lot of romping up in here. Should we maybe start a love list? I think so.


1. Clothing swaps/girl group-hangs. Went to one on Monday at the home of a fly lady I was sorely missing (holla, J. Yentz!), and came away with a trench coat and a Chi straightener. YOLO…? No? Ok.

Me times five.

2. Roasted asparagus. So I’ve been to four farmer’s markets this week… I have kind of a problem. We’ve still got a few weeks until said farmer’s markets are veritable cornucopias of berries and summer squash, so every booth is pimping out their asparagus. And I’m a sucker. I like mine doused in olive oil, salt and pepper; baked at 400° for half an hour or so, and topped with a heavy handed squeeze o’ lemon. Aw yeah. The tips get all crispy and delicious… total produce swoon.

Image courtesy of this blog.

3. Two INCREDIBLE musicians I saw live this week: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper and Xenia Rubinos. Both of them are powerfully talented and deeply humble despite their success… mega-inspirational! Plus they’re way cute:

Lady Lamb


Fave Lady Lamb song: “Crane your neck.” Fave Xenia Rubinos song: “Ultima.” Spotify that sh*t asap!

4. Aforementioned romping/walking to work in the mornings. I do most of my thinking during this time. My headphones are conveniently broken, so I have an hour and a half every morning where I have nothing else to do but ponder, postulate and reflect… and stop for iced coffee and asparagus, of course. As fab as the Great Gatsby soundtrack is, I attribute the fact that I’ve mentally plotted out at least two chapters of my future book on these walks to not drowning out my ideas with Jay Z and Lana Del Ray. That said, the Emeli Sandé version of “Crazy in Love” is, like, SO good.

5. Bars. Soon enough, The Whistler will be my Cheers. I went last night with this crazy cat lady.  Why is it so enticing to spend all of my money on fancy booze and patio real estate when it’s nice outside? Also, how do I break my current habit of going out after work and not eating dinner until midnight/falling asleep in my salad bowl?

6. My fatalistic friend is back from Indiana/Columbia (?) and we can haunt our favorite bar again. Oh, mustachioed men, bouncers with God complexes, and ironic hip hop beats, I’ve missed you so. Cannot wait.

7. Noms Collective this weekend! I’m thinking of making a strawberry rhubarb pie, among other things. I love getting my girls together, especially when there’s vegan food and wine involved.

Like this.

8. Impending family vacay! See Tay Swift suit above. Family in general: mine is superb.

And there’s more to love, but I need to prepare for my silent trek to work. YOLO!(?!?!?!) What do you love this week? What do you have goin’ down this weekend? Do you have a secret trick to remaining plugged in in the great outdoors? Do you also love bourbon, asparagus and pie? Of course you do.

XOXO and Happy Friday!


Love List no. 11


Who’s got time for intros? I’m just going to lay it on you, bunnies… you ready? Love list no. 11:

1. The Smoky Brit (with get this: smoked gin) at Province. The Summer’s Coming tequila drank at Province. Also, the homemade tortilla chips and salsa verde AT PROVINCE. I don’t usually even like tortilla chips, but OMGZ everything here is so delicious. AND it’s the only 100% LEED certified green restaurant in Chicago. And of course they don’t mind veganizing the paella for me! And the walls are pink and green and covered in framed artichoke tesselations!

Hello, mothership!

2. Speaking of motherships… dates with my mama. I got us box seats at the dress rehearsal of Oklahoma! yesterday (I have that power!) and the final chorus was so beautiful that I CRIED. Granted, I grew up on this musical and am aware that not everyone understands the charm of such highbrow works as “Cain’t say no” and “It’s a Scandal! It’s a Outrage!” but I love that sh*t. A++. 5 stars! 3 thumbs up! Dean Richards was there… he knows what’s up, right?

Buy tickets here

3. Lady Dates… with some really fly ladies who aren’t my mom. Real dates that accidentally turned into lady dates… what up Claire? Denim parties (?) and barbeques and 30 days of cocktails, oh my! And here’s Emma eating Costa Rican food!

Emma! Yucca fries with garlic oil! Birthday champagne!

Emma! Yucca fries with garlic oil! Birthday champagne!

4. The great outdoors. If you’ll recall, my number one goal for May was to soak up all. of. the. sunshine and, if I may, I’d like to give myself an A++, five stars, 3 thumbs up (!!!) grade here. I’ve walked to work every day this week, since the Wells street bridge is out anyway. To clarify, I live 6 miles from work, so it’s a hike. But it’s such a pleasant hike; littered with green things and birds and sh*t… and hot dads buying pastries. I mean…what more could a girl ask for?

This is real life.

I’ve been having SO much fun. I’ve been writing (like a motherf*cker). I’ve been exercising out in the elements like a CHAMP.  I’m sort of waiting for my body to remember that it has a hard time running on whiskey sodas and fried mushrooms but LET’S NOT THINK ABOUT THAT. Let’s think about the weekend, and er’thing we love! What are you grateful for this week?



Mega Post: Love List no. 9


We made it! Happy Friday, sweet friends! I sort of can’t believe the weekend’s here: I’m fairly certain that not a day passed this week where I didn’t holler “HOW IS IT 5:00 P.M. ALREADY?!” at my boss/the Universe. Sort of awesome. Sort of an exercise in staying present.

Before I get into the love, I want to wrap up my allergen-free April experiment… which you know by now is a misnomer because I cheated. Here’s what went down: as stated, I felt like Wonder Woman/Beyonce for the first two weeks. Energy through the moon roof. Loose rings. Kate Hudson abs … allergen induced inflammation is a real thing. And in terms of meal enjoyment: I was never bored, but I’m the type of WILD WOMAN who’s turned on by kale chips and hummus. Given my parameters, I ate mostly raw fruits and vegetables and supplemented with hummus, raw crackers, and a sh*t ton of sweet potatoes and quinoa. Life was free and easy… until I took my first Body Pump class in months.

You guys. I’m a runner. I’m an elipticaler/lip syncher/cycler who occasionally embarrasses herself at yoga in the name of a good stretch. I am not a weight lifter… so it would make sense that I felt fine bomb on a low protein diet for a couple of weeks. But my muscles were starved and confused after Pump. I could barely walk the half a block home. I passed one of those terrifying rotisserie chicken places on Broadway where all of the naked, pimply hen carcasses revolve around. and around. forever and I swear, for approximately .4 seconds, I envisioned myself tearing into one like Robert Pattinson on K-Stew’s neck. Rest assured, THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. But the vision was enough to scare me soy-filled. Yes. I sought tempeh’s loving arms and I didn’t look back.

Listen: “where do you get your protein” is a question vegans get every day. See this post or this one for answers, but suffice it to say that even very active vegans manage to ingest enough protein with relative ease. However, the operative word there, for me anyway, is ease. It’s possible to make chickpea tempeh. There are a million and one recipes for high protein veggie burgers on the internets (here’s my favorite). But, like you, dear reader, I’M A GROWN ASS WOMAN with a job and a life and a to-do list so long I could swathe myself in it, mummy-style. I’ll gratefully accept my kudos for eatin’ vegan… but the truth is, I don’t have a whole lot of time for food prep and I’d rather spend $2.00 on a hunk of organic, non GMO, 20-g-of-protein-a-pop tempeh than spend three hours floundering in the kitch. So: it is feasible to eat an entirely soy-free vegan diet. But given my priorities, it isn’t feasible for me.

That said: I’ve learned that soy is a sometimes food, and I’ve learned to eat it deliberately… rather than accidentally. I still plan to avoid products that use tamari and canola oil, but if my bod is crying for protein, Ima give it what it wants.

So now you know how I cheated! Oh… and I’ve had a few drinks. No justification for that EXCEPT I’M YOUNG, WILD AND FREE. Moving on:

1. Food Tank. I never filled you all in on the Food Tank event! In two words: wholly inspiring. It included a whole host of food movement speakers preaching everything from restaurant workers’ rights to suburban lawn farming to sustainability consulting for major institutions. BASICALLY, everything I’m into… plus a mean swag bag. Everyone’s into swag bags.


Five pounds of organic, Equal Exchange coffee, tea and (soy free!) chocolate… don’t mind if I do.
Thanks, Food Tank!

…look for my Food Tank blog posts next week!

2. Speaking of (organic, fair trade, DELICIOUS) coffee… Intelli Broadway is back! Thank goodness… I get most of my thinking/writing/doing done there.

3. The hilarity that is OkCupid. OMG, it just. doesn’t. end. Many men seem to take personal offense to this post. I can’t really fathom sending someone a message to inform them that you don’t like them or their sense of humor… but I’ve received a few. Seriously… plus a couple along the lines of “You’re not that pretty.” Durrrr! This is on the love list because I LOVE crushing double standards beneath the weight of my theoretical Louboutins, and dude, if you’re allowed to be an asshole, so am I. I WILL BE AN ASSHOLE ALL THE LIVELONG DAY.

Need… for double standard crushing, of course… maybe mountain hiking, too.

4. Dancing. Tonight. The usual place. We’re considering bouffants.

5. Lady dates beyond dancing. Ladies studying. Ladies writing (a LOT of freelance articles). Ladies discussing the meaning of life. I’m into it.

6. A packed next week that I’m really excited about. I’m going through a phase where I actually use my planner… freaky.

That’s all for now, bun buns! What do you love? Who do you love? Girl/Boy, you gotta let me know!