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Everything Relates to Ke$ha: Desert Adventure!

Oh hey, Sonoran desert toads (?)! I write to you from a converted garage/coffee shop, pumping out chocolate chip walnut cookies from the oven and Rilo Kiley from the speakers. This one:


I leave this lovely alien sandbox, this parched backdrop to a Ke$ha music video tomorrow.. and I’m going to miss it a little! Even though my contacts feel like eyeball shrink wrap and my sister makes me sleep on an air mattress that deflates in the night so I wake up at 3:00 a.m. essentially swimming in plastic sumo skin:

… there’s something lovely about the namesake Phoenix that arises from this scene of baked adobe, gothic art and repressed liberalism. On Friday night I saw fire dancers (swinging their flames to the beat of Ellie Goulding); watched an outdoor, DJ’ed demonstration of glass blowers molding pipes with their hot breath; danced with weirdos… only three of whom were my companions… and gawked at some beautiful art. My favorite artist was Carol Roque  with her Rosie Glow approved adorable/super creepy aesthetic. I bought this piece:

cr3 bought this

The Hidden Places We Go

Words of wisdom: NEVER TRUST THE SMILEY BEAR BOY WITH A BLOODY STICK AND A DEAD BUNNY. We saw Carol again at a street fair the next day. But I’m getting ahead of myself: vegan goodies from Saturday morning’s farmer’s market first:

101_1187 101_1179 101_1184

Veganism and health nuttery are alive and well in Phoenix! From top left to right: Stone Grindz raw organic food bars (I’ll miss you, cute VEGAN vendor), gorgeous pichuberries,  and Iss’s Magic Mixes maca, chia, super oats. Back to Pichuberries… have you all heard of these? They look like ground cherries when they’re all wrapped up like juicy little presents, but I think they taste a bit like kumquats. They’re imported from Peru and the University of Arizona is researching all of their free radical fighting benefits. Check it out!


… Plus Juice Core’s “Not for Sissies.”

After a $12 green juice (justification: vacation!), we hit up the aforementioned street fair. We said yo, sup to Carol and ogled/purchased more of her rad pieces, and passed by politicians and men in dunk tanks on our way to VINTAGE:

101_1207 101_1192 101_1203 101_1199
101_1214 101_1209 101_1193 101_1196
101_1202 101_1191 101_1194 101_1189

Much like polyester, the offerings were a perfect blend: leopard bar stools, chiffon mini dresses and dead dolls in trees… those are a few of Rosie Glow’s favorite things…After that we hung by the pool (sigh) in the 80 degree heat (double sigh) and then hit up True Food Kitchen for dinner. Because photographing every vaguely interesting thing I do or eat is not at all second nature to me (You guys, I know I need more pictures on this blog. I’ll have to tag this post “Workin’ on it.”), I didn’t take any pictures of my cute outfit, my cuter dining companions or my damn good cocktail and yummy dinner. So I stole this picture from TFK’s website:


Those are cucumber citrus margaritas, and I can tell you firsthand that they, the winter salad, the teriyaki brown rice bowl, the (non-vegan… ask for no feta!) hummus plate and the vegan chocolate pudding are stellar. Ok, the winter salad was very mustard-y and there were no greens in it, which I always feel I should be warned about when ordering a salad. But it was dotted with mulberries and perfect sweet potatoes and I still dug it! The tofu in the teriyaki brown rice bowl is PHENOM.We got a good night’s sleep (my sister gifted me her REAL bed) and spent a productive morning at Lux Cafe where I had a very mediocre soy latte, but the atmosphere is so cool there that if my women and I were Phoenicians, I know we’d spend all our waking hours there. Then, accomplished, caffeinated, and ready for, like, nature… we headed to The Superstitions.


I know this is really dorky. Please don’t click on it and make it bigger.

Beyond amazing… we don’t really do mountains in Chicago. Um, then my sister and I bickered and ordered Thai food… as we do. AND NOW, I’m about to hit the air mattress.

Smooches to you all and regular posts coming at you soon!


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