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Brain Vacay

Hi there, dear one! I just finished listening to this song for what may be the 73rd time in a row. I just love it. I’m not having any sort of personal crisis with my family or God but it makes me want to find the flow and go. with. it. Something about forgiveness: something about canoes… Plus, I could occasionally stand to listen to music that mellows me out rather than pumps me up, since my earbuds typically blast epic co-ed folk rock, raunchy girl rap and anything that preaches girl power.

The originals!

I’m weirdly drawn to zen anthems this week, of all weeks, because I’ve officially decided that I’m taking myself on a reflective staycation for the next seven days. I still have work. I still have a few evening and weekend plans, but I’m pledging to make a very conscious effort to detox my brain, life and bod right now: to check in with myself. I know that sounds silly as I’m not going anywhere, and believe you me, I’d be on the next plane to Tahiti if I had the means; but I think the sort of sabbatical I need right now mostly involves respite from my own negative thoughts, from overextending and over-obligating my bone-weary inner go-getter and from my most loved toxins. And girl, I can do that fo’ free!

So this week, I’m affixing a theoretical Do Not Disturb sign to my forehead and gettin’ myself grounded before I go on another manic “creative jag”,” (aptly named by the venerable Kris Carr), or devote myself to accomplishing anymore far off future goals. I’m going to quietly ponder the right here, right now. I’m going to spa-ify my studio and the space behind my face. And I’m going to chill out, gosh darn it! Here’s how:

1. By drinking less coffee and more green juice. You guys, stalking baristos is taking a toll on my nervous system. Lately, I’m jumpier than the good people who own and operate this website. Now, I will never be a non-coffee drinker. A cup french press full of freshly ground Intelligentsia El Gallo Breakfast Blend with frothed almond milk may upset my pH levels, REM cycles and digestion but it makes me happy to be awake and alive! Plus, I just love coffee shop culture and feel like a phony (and a sucker) ordering four dollar herbal tea. That said, I could probably stand to replace one of my daily caffeine sprees with a liquid leafy green ritual… at least for a while.

2. By drinking no alcohol. You all know how I feel about champagne… and alcohol in general… but here’s the rub: “too much Pabst makes you feel like crapst.” (I WISH I’d come up with that tagline.) I just need to give my liver some lovin’ and take a little rest. You feel me, lush puppy?

3. By listening to my hunger signals. Sometimes I pour food down my gullet and literally can’t remember having eaten a meal seconds after eating it. Sometimes I run around from 5:30 a.m. until close to midnight and wonder why I feel like there is a small rodent trying to claw its way out of my small intestine when i get into bed with a mixing bowl salad as the clock strikes twelve. Ideally, I’m aware of when and what I need to eat and I respect those needs. Check out Laura’s  21 Day Conscious Cleanse. I think it nicely sums up our mutual missions to really taste our food and notice how it makes our bodies feel.

4. By refusing to work myself into unnecessary tizzies. There is a misconception, especially among us ladies, that the harder we run ourselves into the ground; the more important we are, or the more passionate we are about our craft. For example, at my place of work, I never deal with life or death situations (I work in the arts), but often I act like I do, as do my coworkers. By succumbing to office panic, we may think we’re demonstrating our dedication and enthusiasm… or respectfully acknowledging that we screwed up. In reality, though, we’re much better employees and people when we’re not suffering weekly heart attacks – and we’re healthier, too! I have a yen for zen, baby, and I’ll save my freak outs for the big stuff! (I.e. “Gee whiz! You both want to date me, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis?!” or “But I’ve never had my very own benefactor before!”)

5. By letting my skin breathe. I’m talking less makeup. Note, I didn’t say no makeup: if you think I’m going to start strutting my nakey-faced stuff down Michigan Ave., you cray. The truth is, the only place I ever go au naturale is the gym – and if I could potentially run into an ex-boyfriend or that dreamboat from Body Pump, you’d better believe that I’ll be reppin’ a kohl black cat eye and my Violet Edition on the treadmill. What? I like to look fly, ok?!  But when I’m not macking on anybody, my skin’s going nude! It’s sea weed face masks and green tea bags on my eyes from here on out.

6. By making my home a tranquil space. In addition to those seaweed face masks, I believe in candles, fresh orchids, and ambient lighting. Truth: I’m down to wick stubs, there is currently one freak blossom left on my undead Phalaenopsis plant, and the only reason I have any semblance of a lighting scheme is that I haven’t bothered to screw a new bulb into my kitchen fixture. (It’s such an ORDEAL. I have to break out TOOLS and stand on a chair!) All of that changes now! Plus, it would do me some good to clear out some crap…but I hate cleaning and it has no place on my mental staycay to-do list unless it lives under the guise of “beautifying.”

7. By saying no and holding firm. Babe, I realize that not every 25 year old seeks out periods of urban Walden-style hermitdom (um, I hear there’s a lake nearby?) to settle into herself and reassess her surroundings. And I LOVE my gorgeous friends, my closerthanthis fam and perpetually hustling to make my dreams come true… but like minds understand! This is my week. There will surely be another house party in Logan, another open bar from 4-7, another performance opportunity next week. It’s your life, lady, and it’s never selfish to take an intentional rest.

So if you want to follow up espresso shots with tequila shots, stage a vegan ice cream eating contest, have a mental breakdown in false eyelashes and Melondrama, trash my apartment (though I can do that on my own), and say “mais oui, bien sûr!!” to every opportunity that comes your way… I’m out this week. But I’ll be blogging and plotting adventures for when I do feel up to it!

Who’s with me? Anybody else in need of a mind-body cleanse? For the record, I think juice cleanses are dumb, lest you get any ideas. I’ll back that sh*t up another time. But an introspective reestablishment of presence and purpose is in order here in the house of Rosie Glow 🙂